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 Character rules.

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PostSubject: Character rules.   13/02/13, 11:14 am

For this is fantasy-based roleplay, you have to ask yourself these question:

•Is my character of a race that I can handle? [The races are Human, Iwantari, Berdins, Kirmot, Galerim and Ferast. You will find more information of these in the Races section.]
•Where was my character born? [Theres many options, but the most common ones are the cities. For the Berdins, It's the underwater city they were raised in.]
•Does my character name fill the standards of the race? [All races have different kinds of names. More about this in Races.]

After you have considered these questions, you can begin creating your character.

For myself, I start by naming my character. Certain races have expected naming conventions, so be cautious when you choose a name. Contact administrator if you have problems with the name Smile

Names can be difficult to make up, but help is available! Check out the following links to name generators:

•Seventh Sanctum has a good name generator section, with many generators for all kinds of situations. Click me to go to Seventh Sanctum!

•Dragon’s Mark is another service that offers multiple name generators, focusing mostly on fantasy names. Click me to go to Dragons Mark!

•Another good name generator can be found at which again focuses on fantasy names. Click me to go to Fantasyrole!

These sites should help you generate names, so have fun!


Your character’s appearance is important. Often it can be a reflection of your character’s personality, an indication of their position, or simply what they look like. A few things should be considered:

•How tall is your character? [A characters height changes per person, but also the race affects how tall a person is.]

•What build? Slim, muscular, chubby?

•What does their face look like? Hair color, eye color, jaw shape, cheek fullness, nose sharpness, the list goes on.]

•What clothes do they wear? [This is mostly for the moment after the Starting Package.]

•How does your character ‘carry’ themselves? Do they seem confident, nervous, arrogant, flirtatious? This is often directly linked to the character’s personality.


A character’s personality will determine their of the world, how they interact with others, and predominantly, how you play the character. A personality can also change over time, as in real life. Often, the character’s history will link into their personality – perhaps being the cause of the personality.

•What is the general attitude of your character? Fun-loving, happy, enthusiastic, serious, stoic, loud, bashful?

•In what way do they view others? Friends, acquaintances, enemies?

•How does your character view the world they are in?

•What standards/morals/principals does your character have?

•Is your character liked by others? Immediately, after getting to know them, not at all?

•What is your character motivated by?

Also, using your own personality will make it easier to play the character Smile


A character’s history is one of the keystones in character creation. It is what ties everything together. Much like a real person, a roleplay character will inevitably be molded by the events in their life. The history of a character can also explain why there are where they are in a roleplay. A few things to consider, when writing a character’s history:

•What was their childhood like?

•What events in their childhood helped to shape them, if any? [Family death, slavery, bandits...]

•What have they spent their life doing up to this point?

•Are there any influential people they've met 'along the way’?

•What jobs has the character had, if any?

•What trials helped to make the character stronger, weaker, less trusting, etc?

•Has your character moved from their home town?

•If so, why?

•If not, why?

Some people like to have a very detailed history, some don’t. The choice is up to you. If you write a history, try to keep at least to the key points in their life that led them to ‘now’.

Abilities and Equipment

A character’s ability and equipment needs to again fit in with the roleplay. A few things, without going into specifics, should be considered:

•Do the abilities and equipment match the roleplay? [Ex. There are no modern guns in Mi'Thyr.]

•Are the strength of my character’s abilities too strong? (After all, you don’t want to god mod.)

•Where did the character learn these abilities? Do they match up to the history?

•Do the abilities coincide with other character points? (For example, would a 15 year old really have mastered a technique that takes fifty years to do so?)

•What equipment does my character have? [This should be edited after starting the roleplay, for the Starting Package is a must for every new character.]

•How does the equipment assist in my character’s role?

•Are these abilities and equipment necessary, or do you just want an ‘uber character of doom’?

NOTE: You have 60 Skill points to use, and the rest will be obtained from roleplaying.

So these are the simple character rules. Have fun creating your character!

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Character rules.
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