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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   02/01/13, 05:15 pm

Welcome to Mi'Thyr, traveler.

As you enter this ground, you will be bound to this land until you die. So please, take your time reading these simple things you need to know before venturing forth.

First of all, before you start roleplaying, you have to create a character sheet. This is for the other players who can easily find your character sheet with your username (Which must be the same as your characters name) and find out more about your character. This makes roleplaying much more pleasant, and won't cause awkward situations.

•Any speech MUST be indicated with quotation marks("BlahBlah")

•You cannot skip between different RP storylines.

•You cannot skip between different time frames. The only acceptable time-shift is "Flashbacks" This means you are in the past, telling your story. This can not change other players' character history, so be cautious.

•You cannot declare your character(s) to know someone without permission from the other person(s).

•You cannot declare your character(s) to share history or a background with another character(s) without permission from the other person(s).

•You cannot make another person(s) notice something; you have to let them notice it themselves.

•You cannot appear in-between or near other characters unless approved by the other person(s) and allowed to do so (usually for battles or something).

•You cannot control the conversation or be the center of attention.

•You cannot make person say something, nor may you tell them to say something outside of RP chat (your character may tell them to say something in RP chat, but they are allowed to refuse).

•You cannot relate to someone else's background or history without the consent of the other person(s).

•No godmodding (ie: being invincible, overpowered, etc.).

•No controlling other people.

•You CANNOT kill another person(s)'s character without their permission.

•You MUST allow the other person to CHOOSE to accept or avoid an attack [Note: there are some exceptions to this rule once you are familiar with the rules and the feel of RP battles, but you must still keep it in moderation; it cannot be a big attack (ie: cutting someone's head off, stabbing their heart or lungs, etc.) and you must allow the other person(s) to do the same.]

•You CANNOT say where a character(s) got hit, nor how they took damage (ie: you cannot say that their head exploded from being struck by a Lightning bolt, they became crippled, they lost a limb, etc.) [Note: again, there are exceptions to this rule.]

•You may ONLY make ONE attack at a time.

•You may not make any moves without giving the other person(s) a chance to do something (this includes running away, teleporting (not blinking), summoning things, banishing the person(s) (and it must be approved by the person(s), etc.)

•You MUST take damage at some point.

These are the simple roleplaying rules. For more information, go back and look at the other Rules we Admins have wrote with much effort.


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General Rules
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