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 Race: Human

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PostSubject: Race: Human   17/02/13, 06:39 am

Humans are one of the oldest races in Mi'Thyr. They have existed since the First King, and maybe even before that. Many people think that the humans have come from elsewhere before putting a foot on Mi'Thyr, but the prophets think that the first human, Iwae Ka'Lie, was created to Mi'Thyr after the God Nikanea discovered an empty land.

Quote :
And so the human looked around. The land was pure, and possibilities were endless. She looked up, and saw the Gods and Godesses smile at her. This was the beginning of a new time.
~First prophet of Ferast

The history of human goes far back in the time. Although the humans are the most common species in Mi'Thyr, their history is still a mystery. The human race existed before writing did, so many parts of their life and evolution hasn't been recorded. The first human, Iwae Ka'Lie, was created over 5000 eras ago, and no one knows what she did to make humans the strongest species.

The legend tell that Iwae made it to the edge of the world and fell down to the kingdom of death, but the story differs from region to region. Other say that Iwae indeed found the Edge, but the Gods found her and saved her before she fell. After many years the scholars have proved that the Edge is gone, and they suspect the Gods hid it someplace far away so lives wouldn't be endangered by it.

But even if human history is in the fog, all humans know the First King; King Halof Eregir. He is remembered because the Eregir family line has passed down the throne from father to son from the beginning of days.

Humans vary from region to region, and might be confused to Kirmot in the more mountain cities, but the most common thing in humans are the big differences in eye-, skin- and haircolor. The northern individuals have pale skin and light eyes, and their hair is thick, unlike the southern individuals who are tan, with dark eyes and soft hair. This differs on the behalf of parents and breeding.

Humans can vary greatly by height and weight, no matter on where they come from. The only exception in the weight depends on the wealth of the city they live in, and how wealthy the family is.

A humans lifespan is unpredictable, because most humans get assassinated before their 60th birthday. Child mortality is also very high, and birthgiving can lead to the mother death, which is more common in the southern Mi'thyr.
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Race: Human
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