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 Race overlook

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PostSubject: Race overlook   16/02/13, 07:54 am

So here we are, looking at races. There are several races for you to choose from, and some of these races are more difficult to play than others. Let's see.

The most common intelligent species on Mi'Thyr. These tall and fair-haired people are the first species to conquer Mi'Thyr and build their first city. Every human is different, and their history goes way back, even before First King.

The Iwantaris are people living in the woods. The rarely find themselves in human cities or outside their home region. The Iwantaris have rather small wings on their back, and they cannot fly, but the wings are mostly to show which caste they belong in. For example, white wings are royal, and only the rulers of a clan have white wings. most normal are brown-white-black mixture. If an Iwantari child is born with black wings, it says they are possessed and must be eliminated. They are also excellent hunters.

Berdins are fish-like creatures living under the sea. They cannot breathe on the surface, so they stay underwater all their life. their women are known to be picture perfect, but their males to be horrid creatures, aggressive and wrathful. However, the Berdins are all evil creatures, even the women. Their hate towards other "Land-Species" is massive, and they will never give it up. The women use their attractiveness to lure the unsuspecting men into the water, then the Berdin males eat them alive.


A race overtaken by females, Kirmot are the women living in the mountains. Proud miners and rich people, living on hunting and farming. Whilst the Kirmot live in the highest mountain on Mi'Thyr, the seasons don't appear to change. It is always winter up there, but the women know when the seasons change. After the age of 20 (threshold of adulthood) their eye color change within seasons. In Spring, their eyes are green, summer they are red, Autumn they are black, and winter they are grey. Before adulthood, their eyecolor change wildly, even five times a day.There are major changes on the contrast of their eyes. It's rare that Kirmot leave their mountainhome, but there are few in the cities around Mi'Thyr.

Snakepeople of the southern caves. These vile reptiles can be found all over Mi'Thyr, but their homes are in the southern caves. This species only has males in it, for the women are said to be unholy and shall be killed. The only female they have is the queen. The Galerim living in cities don't have their 'Snake-form' visible, which mean the only visible proof about their snake-ness is their eyes.

Ferast are the dragontamers living on the sacred land of Ker. Their appearance differs on their age and the amount of dragons they have tamed, ie. a man, 430 years old, tamed 400 dragons. He has gained visible proof of his loyalty and has started to turn into one of the Sacred. The Sacred (Also known as Gods and Goddesses) are Ferast that have turned into dragons. The Ferastens lifespan differs from 200 to 3400 years, depending on their dragons. even if every Ferast has trained many dragons, they have one that they treasure with their life.

Please note; You can only be a Ferast with an Administrators permission.

So there you have it. Has any of these races caught your interest? Well, what are you waiting for? Go create your character as you wish. Send the ADministrator a message and she will see if it is suitable.

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Race overlook
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